ICSE Geography Last Minute Revision Notes for Class 10

ICSE Geography Last Minute Revision Notes for Class 10

Complete Revision Notes for ICSE Geography 2019 Board Exam

Score EXCELLENT marks in your Geography Board Exam revising from this last minute revision notes.

Prepared by Exam18 Expert – RP Khadanga

What’s covered in these Geography notes?

  • Part I – Map Work – Map of India
  • Part II – Geography of India
  • Location, Extent and Physical features of India, Climate, Soil Resources, Natural Vegetation
    and Irrigation, Water Resources, Mineral and Energy Resources, Agriculture, Manufacturing
    Industries, Transport and Waste Management
  • Points to Remember
  • Important Questions & Answers
  • Give Reason Based Questions & Answers

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How is ICSE Geography Last Minute Revision Notes for Class 10 different from other workbooks?

Strengthen the foundation of basic concepts in every topic relevant to ICSE syllabus and Board examiner’s expectations.

Learn with marked maps for every topic and Score 100% in Part I Question 2 of Geography Board Exam Paper.

Know what’s important to revise, learn how to approach answers the right way and make considerable improvement in how you write answers.

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Frequently Asked Questions about ICSE Geography Last Minute Revision Notes

  • For which ICSE Board Exam are these notes targeted for?
    These Geography Last Minute Revision Notes are targeted towards Class 10 Board Exams.
  • Is this book available in a book store in my city?
    No, Exam18 revision notes are only available on this website so we can better understand your weak areas and help you be successful by sending relevant study materials and recommendations.
  • Are these revision notes based in ICSE 2019 syllabus?
    Yes, the Maps and explanations given in this book are based in ICSE 2019 syllabus and the solutions are given in format expected by ICSE board examiners.
  • Upon purchasing this book, what should I do if I don’t find it useful? Can I return it?
    While it is unusual for students to not find these notes helpful, we understand some students have a different approach to study and you can return the Printed Book format of this book within 2 days of receiving it. Digital download format is non-refundable once downloaded.
  • Can I share the digital download format with my friends/classmates/teachers?
    When you buy the digital download format, it comes with single-use license. You will be violating the terms and conditions by distributing online or offline and also disrespecting the efforts put in by Teacher who wrote this book. Good students don’t do it.
  • How long does it take for delivery of the book?
    Printed Book format is delivered across India in 2-4 days. Digital Download format can be downloaded instantly after making online payment.
  • What payment options are available?
    Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, Paytm and Cash on delivery.
  • Where can I find latest syllabus of Geography?
    For latest ICSE syllabus, click here.

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