ICSE History and Civics – Important Questions & Answers for Class 10

ICSE History and Civics: Important Questions – answers for Class 10

History & Civics is one of the most important subjects in Social Studies unit of ICSE Class 10, as it teaches students about India’s First War of Independence, Freedom Fighters, International Peace Organizations, The Indian Parliament, Role of President and Prime Minister, etc. While reading the History & Civics textbook is crucial, many students often face difficulty in writing answers aptly in History & Civics exam.

This study material identifies all important topics in every chapter of History & Civics of ICSE Class 10 and lists Questions & Answers in points-format, as points-format enables student to remember what they have learned for a longer period. Besides assisting in doing homework, this study material will give students a well-tested framework to study the subject and score well in their History & Civics exam.

Highlights of this study material:

  • Based on NEW syllabus prescribed by the Council.
  • Question – answer based study material.
  • All answers given in points form for easy understanding, recognition and recall.
  • Most comprehensive notes that covers every length and breadth of the chapter ensuring thorough preparation for exams.
  • All important Pictures included for Questions based on Identifying a person/place types of question.
  • Written in simple language which is easy to grasp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this revision guide include solutions to Short & Long-type Questions?
Yes, this revision material includes detailed solutions for all questions.

What is the best way to study from this History & Civics material?
Students must refer to Question-Answers given in this material after reading every chapter from History & Civics textbook.

How can I avail this guide?
This revision guide is available in two formats – Printed Book (Physical copy) & Digital Download (PDF).

Should I buy Printed Book or Digital Download format?
Most students find Printed Book format convenient for studying from this Treasure Trove guide, however, if you need these papers urgently, you can buy the digital download format and download the papers instantly.

Can I take print outs of digital download format?
Yes, print outs can be taken.

I’m a Teacher. Can I buy this package and share with my students?
All Exam18 packages are for personal use only. Any commercial distribution or sharing requires authorization from Exam18. Please reach out to our support team for more details.

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